Why RapiTel? (RapiTel vs other calling options)

Why should you use RapiTel? Very simple.

Unlike calling cards there are no connection charges, hidden charges, expiration dates, or long pin numbers to dial.

Unlike your long distance provider there are no ridiculously high rates, complicated long distance plans, or huge surprise bills.

Unlike cabins there are no long lines to wait in and no connection charges or hidden fees. Plus you can call from the convenience of your home or cellular phone.

About RapiTel Long Distance Calling

When you open your account you will select a number to be your primary number. This number will serve as your main account telephone number. This number will be associated with your account permanently and can only be changed by a RapiTel customer service representative.

Once you login to your account you will be able to select up to 3 additional numbers, which will be authorized to make calls from your account. These numbers can be changed whenever you wish. You can then add money to your account using your credit card. There is no minimum amount, you may add whatever you wish.

Once your credit card is approved the funds will be immediately added to your account and you may begin calling.

To make a call once you have done all this, simply call your local access number: Click here to find your access number.

You may only call from one of your authorized phone numbers. When asked dial your destination number.

Speak clearly and peacefully!

About RapiTel International Text Service

Our international text service allows you to easily send text messages to your country using the same balance you use for calling.

Simply send the following to the RapiTel Text access number:

The international recipient's phone number or the SpeedText name you designated in your account for that number + followed by a space + and the message you wish to send to that number. We'll take care of the rest.

The RapiTel Text access number can be found on our homepage and SpeedText setup can be found by logging in to your account: Click here to login to your account.

International Rates

To view our calling rates click here.

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